Welcome to ethnicdesign.ch, the online presence of our collection of tribal art and crafts. To find out more on the origin and the key criteria behind my collection, see “About us” at the bottom of the page. 

Site structure: The site is based on 26 galleries, each gallery composed of several categories of objects. Each item is accompanied by information and references to povide a deeper appreciation and understanding. Clicking on the picture of an object opens a detail page with additional infos and zoomable pictures. On the bottom of the page you can always chose to show all items of the entire  gallery. Clicking on the logo in the upper left corner will bring you back to the home page. Under category you have the option of sorting the presentation according to various criteria’s or refine your research according to keywords, origin, material or quality. Under "My List" you can create your own selection of items. As registered user you can save your lists or edit them under a PDF format. You are a gallery or museum, the items of our collection are available for loan for your temporary exhibitions. The site is still under construction, only some galleries are almost completed, others still need to be finalised. Today over 1000 objects are on line. 

Dozens of items are added each month. Be among the first to know about them by checking regularly "show all new items".