Cache-sexe?; belt? 13.02.1408

Interesting string of small brass elements (47 triangular elements) plus additional elements (see pict.). Use unknown divination? cache-sexe?. Origin West Africa no precise indication. Any help for identification is welcomed.

  • Ref.:13.02.1408
  • Size:Length: 190 mm; elements: 32 - 45 mm
  • Weight:275 gr


  • indépendant brass elements 13.02Other African Ritual Objects 19.04West-, Central- & North Africa 29.01
  • Elements for jewellery design 13AFRICAN TRIBAL ART 19REGIONAL GALLERIES 29


  • Not specified
  • Not specified
  • Not specified


  • MetalBrass / bronze


  • Antiques (object shows signs of long use)Museum quality (worthy to be added to a museum’s permanent collection)Original condition